Love U partners with ReSea to tackle the ocean plastic crisis

Love U partners with ReSea to tackle the ocean plastic crisis

Love U is proud to partner and participate in the ReSea project to show our love and commitment to tackling the ocean plastic crisis.

The #ReSeaMovement

ReSea recovers plastic waste from heavily polluted rivers and oceans in Indonesia by working with local communities and this plastic is then sorted and repurposed by ReSea partners to become new materials or energy sources.   

Transparency is important for the Love U team and to ensure that the number of plastic recovered is accurate, ReSea utilises a block-chain based tracking system which captures  the location and amount of plastic.

To date, ReSea has removed a total of 1,106 kgs of plastic or equivalent to 1,106,000 million straws thanks to the Love U Soap community!  Plastic that otherwise would hag around for 100s of years.


 How Love U Soap is helping solve the single use Plastic problem

  • Love U Hereforgood Resuable Bottles are made from 30% recycled plastic (the maximum possible) and are designed to be used again and again
  • Love U contains just plant based surfactants, without the water, reducing the need for single use plastic packaging as well as the needless transportation of water!
  • Love U is packed into 100% home compostable sachets, delivered to your home in recyclable cardboard packaging.

By never using single use plastic and working together with ReSea, Love U can proudly say that we are plastic negative, as we collect more plastic than we produce.

Thanks for listening and letting us share the love!

Love U 

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