Love U Soap gives 1% for the Planet

Love U Soap gives 1% for the Planet

Love U works together with 1% for the Planet to conserve our water. 

About 1% for the Planet:

1% for the Planet connects businesses to environmental non-profits. They help businesses like Love U to channel 1% of gross sales to show love and give back to the planet. 

Love U’s mission is to care and protect water, so we have chosen to direct our funds for a water conservation project.

By working together, Love U and 1% for the Planet can create larger impacts. In total, 1% for the Planet has raised over $350 million for environmental nonprofit solutions.

Why 1% for the Planet?

Transparency, experience and impact are why Love U Soap is partnering with 1% for the Planet. 

1% for the Planet has operating since 2002 and are present across 64 countries and 3,419 businesses (including Love U Soap!) makes this happen. 

How Love U is making a difference.

  • Love U contains only plant based surfactants, eliminating water transportation and packaging 
  • Love U bottles are made from a maximum of 30% recycled plastic and designed to be used again and again
  • Love U is a carbon negative brand, certified by Climate Active.
  • Love U is designed to perform even with for cold water washing

Love U.

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